Hello There!

My name is Kevin Guo. I'm a Junior at Cornell University's College of Engineering. I am currently studying Information Science, Systems, & Technology with a minor in Design & Environmental Analysis.

I explore where digital and physical design and technology meet and investigate its effects on people, products, and society through my research and my other projects.

Email: kg344 [at] cornell.edu


I do research at Cornell's Information Science Department in the Design Lab under Prof. François Guimbretière. My work focuses on the applications of design in computing, specifically related to rapid prototyping, human-computer interaction, and robotics.

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Design Work

I also do design work for hackathons, classes, competitions, previous work experiences, and independent projects. They span the gamut of graphic design, UI/UX, branding, and model making. I'm always looking for opportunities to continue applying and broadening my skills.

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